#rsrh Discussion topic: Socialism is the economic apotheosis of mooching.

And that’s why our celebrities tend to flirt with socialism; it’s because celebrity is linked with various art forms in modern Western civilization, and artists are stereotypically accomplished moochers*.  It’s easy to rationalize following an economic philosophy that is fundamentally respectful of something that you’re good at.


Moe Lane

*I speak from personal experience as an English major: they didn’t teach you in class how to find parties where free food and drink could be found, but only because everybody already knew how.

#rsrh Cracked’s Cracked Celebrity Causes Cataloged.

Cracked.com can expect some pushback on one of their latest (“The 6 Most Misguided Causes Ever Made Famous by Celebrities“): it’s going to be considered not helpful to point out that, truly, almost invariably Lefty celebrities tend to embrace some truly imbecilic Lefty causes, from The War on Domestic Justice (Mumia the Cop-Killer Good!) and The War On Foreign Justice (Castro the Dictator Good!) and The War On Objective Reality (9/11 is all because of US/Joooooooos!) – and, of course, The War On Science* (Immunizations Bad!). Apparently that last one is going to be getting much, much bigger, thanks to Jenny McCarthy getting a show from Oprah.  As Cracked put it:

All of America is about to catch McCarthy Fever! And measles.

Pretty much.

Moe Lane

*For some reason, some of the most tedious Republicans-hate-science types get very defensive when the entire ‘vaccines cause autism’ thing comes up.  It’s almost as if they’re being – ‘zounds! – hypocritical!  But that’s the worse non-violent secular sin in Western civil society possible, so of course they can’t be that