In Nomine Revisited: Celestials Unchained.

Celestials Unchained

For a secret society that recruits equally (and pretty much exclusively) from Outcasts and Renegades, Celestials Unchained (CU) is surprisingly active; and for a group deemed by both Heaven and Hell to be both collectively and profoundly insane, it is surprisingly effective. It is generally assumed that the latter is despite of the society’s core beliefs, not because of them; The CU worldview draws equally from conspiracy theory, clinical paranoia, and profound nihilism, and it shows. It’s very difficult for a non-Remnant celestial to degrade to the level of a homeless human ranting about mind control rays, but the members of CU are up to the challenge. Indeed, they often surpass it.

And yet, the group persists. (more…)

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