The Oh My F*CKING GOD Champions 4e Bundles of Holding.

This is insane. This is the Champions TTRPG of my – well, college years. Third Edition was the Champions of my actual ‘youth.’ I dunno if these Bundles of Holding have them all, but between the Champions 4E Essentials and the Champions 4E Universe they comes damned close. My fingers are twitching.

Moe Lane

PS: I do not need to sign up for Champions Online. I do not need to sign up for Champions Online. I do not need to sign up for Champions Online…

I did *not* want to see this.

Avoiding Champions Online is hard enough: being told that you can make your own steampunk metal man as a character just makes it excruciating.

Moe Lane

PS: Because I enjoy being married and having a family, that’s why.

PPS: Skin Horse is a fun webcomic.  And it’s a Velveteen Rabbit reference, so get your mind out of the gutter.

Psst! Do you know what gamer crack looks like?

And I don’t mean ‘gamer’ in this modern, I-have-my-own-Mt-Dew-flavor sense:

…and out of curiosity? Is the intent here really to suggest that the average World of Warcraft players are attractive young women with Poor Impulse Control tattooed on their foreheads*?

No, I mean real gamers. Ones with multiple types of dice and more pencils than erasers. Well, here it is:

Champions Online.

I own Champions books so old that they have freaking staples. Staying out of this one is going to be a chore and a half.

Moe Lane


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*Literary reference.