The Bundle of Holding double-barrel-dangerous Champions 4E sale.

‘Double-barrel’ because it’s in two parts. You got your Champions 4E Essentials, which is gonna cost you thirty-three bucks – look, let’s not pretend that you’re going to go minimalist here, OK?  You’re either going to open your wallet wide, or not at all.  No point trying to play the angles here.  – Anyway, that’s going to get you pretty much all the Champions genre books.  And then you got your Champions 4E Universe, which for thirty-seven bucks gets you all the adventures.  All in all, act now and spend seventy bucks and you get the entire Hero System 4E Champions line.

And that’s why ‘dangerous.’  Because that price is only going to go up.  If you’re gonna get ’em, get ’em now.


In the Mail: Champions Mini Series #1-6. [MAJOR RPG GEEK BRAG WARNING]

This was absurdly cheap ($9) on Amazon. Sufficiently so that I didn’t actually completely believe that I’d get them, as-advertised.  But they arrived, and they really are what they said they were: a complete run of a six-part Champions RPG series from Eclipse Comics.  Each issue has stats in the back for a featured character and everything.

Maybe I’m just a niche market, but this price was nowhere near my have-to-think-about-it threshold. On the other hand, according to one guide I could have picked up the whole thing individually for three bucks an issue, plus shipping. On the gripping hand, it’s still an absolute steal.


Psst! Do you know what gamer crack looks like?

And I don’t mean ‘gamer’ in this modern, I-have-my-own-Mt-Dew-flavor sense:

…and out of curiosity? Is the intent here really to suggest that the average World of Warcraft players are attractive young women with Poor Impulse Control tattooed on their foreheads*?

No, I mean real gamers. Ones with multiple types of dice and more pencils than erasers. Well, here it is:

Champions Online.

I own Champions books so old that they have freaking staples. Staying out of this one is going to be a chore and a half.

Moe Lane


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*Literary reference.

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