Meet Tennessee’s Canary in the Democratic Coal Mine: Charlie Brown, (D CAND, TN-GOV).

He’s… well.  He’s like this:

Democrats in Tennessee have apparently nominated as their candidate for governor a Duck Dynasty and beef jerky loving dog-kennel owner, who once said he would like to electrocute the current governor.

Charles V. “Charlie” Brown, a 72-year-old man whose name was first on the ballot, won the Democratic nomination to take on incumbent Republican Bill Haslam Thursday night.

Brown told BuzzFeed he was “a little bit surprised,” and said national Democrats hadn’t reached out to him yet.

“Not yet, but they will.”

…I wouldn’t count on that. Bill Halsam easily lapped the entire Democratic slate’s primary turnout all on his own, and national Democrats have enough problems already.  Even in the gubernatorial category: right now I can’t imagine why the DGA would care more about Tennessee than it would about Hawaii, Florida, or Illinois.  Even if somebody else had won the primary. (more…)

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