‘If Che was alive today, he would personally kill every single person involved in the making of this movie. And I would not shed a tear for one of them.’

That is the summation of a review of Che by a Lefty blogger: apparently, the directors decided to make a movie about a mass-murdering, gun-toting psychopath without even at least giving the audience the courtesy of large amounts of automatic weapons fire.

See Libertarian Republican for more, plus the link: I found said Lefty’s blogger’s blog title sufficiently distasteful to omit the direct link.

Moe Lane

I always like seeing the kids run around with their Che t-shirts, though: it’s a useful way to sort through the drones who only think that they’re being beautiful and unique snowflakes.  You want to be edgy and trangrsessive?  Try wearing this one on campus and tell us how you do.

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