#rsrh Chellie Pingree too scared to run for ME-SEN.

Let me tell you the real reason that Rep. Chellie Pingree isn’t running for Senate in Maine, and never mind what WaPo stenographer Greg Sargent wrote:  she isn’t running because Republican operatives everywhere were rubbing their hands together at the prospect of having Pingree to work with.  Let’s just say that the woman has… entitlement… issues.

No, let’s just say that.  For now; we can revisit it all in the general election.


Common Cause and the oldest profession.

(Via Volokh, via Instapundit) Once upon a time there was a Democratic fake-grassroots front group organization called Common Cause.  In 2005, Common Cause absolutely, positively, without question was infuriated with any attempt to interfere with the holy practice of judicial filibusters:

Common Cause strongly opposes any effort by Senate leaders to outlaw filibusters of judicial nominees to silence a vigorous debate about the qualifications of these nominees, short-circuiting the Senate’s historic role in the nomination approval process.

“The filibuster shouldn’t be jettisoned simply because it’s inconvenient to the majority party’s goals,” said Common Cause President Chellie Pingree. “That’s abuse of power.”

But something happened in 2006-2008.  To wit: the Democrats took control of Congress; and Chellie Pingree, gadfly and scourge of Wall Street, became Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D, ME-01)… where she promptly acquired a Wall Street boyfriend and started using his private jet as a shuttle serviceOn the people’s dime, too.  As for Common Cause, well: they now hate the very idea of judicial filibusters with the white-hot fury of a billion exploding suns.

Today’s filibuster-happy Senate minority is threatening to cripple our federal judiciary, abusing the Senate’s own rules to delay or block the confirmations of dozens of highly-qualified lawyers and state court judges nominated by President Obama to the federal bench.

“Because of the filibuster and other delaying tactics, fewer than half of the President’s nominees to date have been confirmed,” said Bob Edgar, Common Cause’s president.

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