Hey, it’s Cyber-Monday! (Plus, charity links.)

If you were planning to order something on anyway, well… that link is set up through my affiliate program. I’ll cheerfully take my cut (I’ll also cheerfully note that if your favorite blogger* is making noises about money these days than s/he would probably dearly love to get his/her cut, too).

Moving on: charities!  Child’s Play, The Salvation Army, Toys for Tots: feel free to add worthy other examples in comments.

Moe Lane

*This applies to lurkers, btw: from what I can tell the Left-sphere has precisely zero in the way of support networks and is about to be disproportionately hit with the Mighty Karmic Hammer of Maximum Obamacare Fun.  This would merely make me chuckle, except that even liberals have kids who won’t understand why there’s no Christmas this year.


The annual charity thread!

As usual, I recommend:

Feel free to add your own.


Time for the Child’s Play post again.

For those who don’t know, Child’s Play is a charity that provides toys and games to kids undergoing hospital stays (particularly ones with an ongoing condition): it is pretty much the gamer industry charity, and is by now an international venture.  It’s starting to get to be Christmas season, so if you are looking for somewhere to put a little charitable contribution, this is a pretty good choice.

Via Penny Arcade, obviously.


What are your favorite Christmas charities?

I’m a little late in thinking about this – new kid, and everything – but there’s always Child’s Play.  This is Penny Arcade’s signature charity: it provides games and toys for sick kids while they’re in the hospital.  Details are here.

And there’s not much else to say besides that, really.  Except that there’s always somebody less fortunate, alas.

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