#rsrh Chris Lee (R) out of NY-26.

Due to the intersection of Craiglist and shirtless photos; Chris Lee resigned so quickly he left vapor trails.  Misrepresenting himself as a lobbyist in order to meet women, of all (bizarre) things.

It’s a pretty Republican district, so the special election – who’s willing to bet that Governor Cuomo* won’t delay the election the way that Paterson delayed Massa’s? – should prove to be interesting mostly for its potential to demonstrate which group has more congenital screwups: the DCCC, or the NY GOP.  Normally I’d unkindly and reflexively say the latter, but the DCCC was $19 million in the hole as of the end of last year*.

So let’s try this ‘cautious optimism’ thing: I hear it’s all the rage.

Moe Lane

*The NRCC’s in the hole for $10.5 million, but that’s easier to work around when you’re on the sweet side of a sixty-three seat House shift.