Quote of the Day, You Don’t Need To Hear John Kerry’s Explanation edition.

RCP: “Secretary of State John Kerry explains why there are not any penalties for countries that do not respect the climate agreement made in Paris yesterday.”

…Do we need to even continue, here?  I mean, really. Further comment is pretty much superfluous. (Via Hot Air Headlines)


“Nations ‘Approve’ ‘Landmark’ ‘Climate Accord’ in Paris.”

The scare quotes in that NYT article title are mine.  Why?  Because they’re all fibs, at best.

  • ‘Approve.’ India and China are going to keep ignoring the damned thing; and this ‘accord’ will get passed by the US Congress when pigs fly.  Eliminate two of the biggest polluters and the (barely, still) world hegemon, and the rest is mere statistical noise.
  • ‘Landmark.’ The ‘world community’ passes meaningless ‘accords’ all the time.
  • ‘Climate accord.’ Try ‘agitprop feelgood exercise that comes with some legal bribery attached to get the Third World to sign on.’  …Then again, the NYT has font size limitations and a front page to consider, so perhaps I’m being unfair on this one.

Seriously, who believes this stuff? And do they habitually operate heavy machinery? It’s alarming to think that they might.

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…Well. THAT storm watch turned out to be anti-climatic*.

We seem to have missed pretty much everything. Heck, the sun is out.

I hope that everybody in the area got through it just as easily, but I know that probably won’t happen. Still.

Moe Lane

*Thank you, I’m here all week! Remember to tip your waitstaff!

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