Direct Sequel to CLOVERFIELD announced.

You either liked CLOVERFIELD a lot or you didn’t; I’m not particularly susceptible to motion sickness via shaky cam, which is I suspect why I’m in the first category. But apparently they’re going to make an actual sequel, not another movie in the ‘series’ (I haven’t seen either), which sounds cool. It also sounds like it’s not gonna be a ‘found footage’ flick, so more people may be able to watch it without getting queasy*.

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Third Cloverfield movie is coming out 4/28/2018.

They’re already starting in on the viral marketing stuff, too. Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I saw Cloverfield (enjoyed it a lot), but not 10 Cloverfield Lane. I’m not entirely certain why. Maybe because I just like giant monster flicks more than I do …what 10 Cloverfield Lane was. Certainly I made it a point to go see virtually every giant monster movie that’s made it to the big screen, and when Pacific Rim Uprising comes out in March I’m absolutely going to be there. And that’s with me knowing that it’s very possibly going to be horrible.

Well. As horrible as a movie can be when it involves giant robots punching giant robots in the face, as Honest Trailers put it.  The essentially awesomeness of such a thing is difficult to debase.

Movie of the Week: Cloverfield.

Weird that I’ve never done Cloverfield before, but if I have then I didn’t tag it properly. Go figure. Anyway: I know that the shaky-cam thing can set off adverse physiological effects on people – or they just don’t like it on general principles – but I’ve never had a problem with shaky-cam, and goodness knows a for-real giant monster movie filmed at street level can justify its use. …I’m sure that I’ve talked about this before, though. Cloverfield is, like, this movie that’s being filmed while another giant monster movie – one that’s a bit more conventional – is going on. As a conceit it’s an acquired taste, sure, but I’m now kind of ready to go watch it again.

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