I’m confused about this Mexican Cobalt-60 theft case.

So they found that cobalt-60 that got stolen, and now they’re looking for the corpses of the guys that stole it (they apparently opened up the box, which is NOT A GOOD IDEA TO DO WHEN COBALT-60 IS INSIDE THE BOX). Two things: one, my sympathies for what happened to the robbers is not infinite:

The cargo truck, equipped with a crane, was nearing its destination in the darkness early Tuesday, several hours before the storage facility opened. While waiting for daybreak at a gas station in the state of Hidalgo, north of Mexico City, the drivers were jumped by two gunmen who beat them and stole the truck, said Mardonio Jimenez, a physicist and high-ranking official with Mexico’s nuclear safety commission.

I wouldn’t have sentenced them to death for assault and battery, but it’s not like they got mailed the cobalt-60 by mistake, and opened up the box in their living room. Continue reading I’m confused about this Mexican Cobalt-60 theft case.