Collin Peterson (D, Minnesota-7) opts not to do this the easy way.

He’s decided that the tide isn’t going to reach him: “Democratic U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson will vie again for the western Minnesota seat he has held for decades.”  I guess that we’ll just have to see if he’s right, huh? – oh, and by the way: unlike 2010 the NRCC doesn’t have entire pages of more low-hanging fruit to grab first before they could work their way down to Peterson. Couple that with the fact that an actual Minnesota state legislator Torrey Westrom will likely be the one running against Peterson this year (a change from the past) and we may have ourselves a race.

Should be a thing, really.

@KindforCongress, @Barrow4GA, Collin Peterson, @ericswalwell, & @BishopforCongress’s dirty Koch money.

Note: I do not actually consider Koch Industry [and employees: see Update below] campaign contributions to be in point of fact ‘dirty.’  And neither do the following Democrats!

  • Barrow, John (D-GA)
  • Bishop, Sanford (D-GA)
  • Matheson, Jim (D-UT)
  • Kind, Ron (D-WI)
  • Peterson, Collin (D-MN)
  • Swalwell, Eric (D-CA)

Screenshot here, just in case.
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HEEELLLLLOOOOO, Rep. Collin Peterson (D, MN-07)! How’s your fundraising?

Ooh… that bad, huh?

Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) has posted another weak fundraising quarter — and won’t say whether or not he plans to run.

Peterson raised $165,000 in the last fundraising quarter, a low total for a congressman facing a potentially tough race, and has $358,000 in the bank. Republican outside groups have already been pumping money into ads in his district.

Isn’t that just a shame. Why, it’s almost as much of a shame as being the target of thousands of interested gazes from all across the country, all patiently waiting for a momentary misstep, verbal fumble, loss of temper, or whiff of scandal. Tough life, that. Real tough life. Then again, what choice does Rep. Peterson have? …Besides retiring and going to work as an agricultural industry lobbyist, of course. I understand that there’s money in that for a former Ag Chair. Continue reading HEEELLLLLOOOOO, Rep. Collin Peterson (D, MN-07)! How’s your fundraising?

Collin Peterson (D, Minnesota), Corporatist Milk Profiteer.

Let me show you how corruption can work in Dizzy City.

  • Collin Peterson is a Democratic Congressman from Minnesota; he is, by now, the Ranking Member of the Agriculture Committee.
  • Unsurprisingly, Rep. Peterson gets most of his corporate donations from the agricultural industry.  Of interest here is the dairy industry.  As you can see, over the years they’ve put a decent amount of change into his campaign coffers.
  • Congress is trying to put a farm bill together again – and they’re having a bit of a problem: the Republicans in Congress want to put a brake on our current out-of-control spending on food stamps, and the Democrats refuse to reduce spending. Ever. As usual.
  • Collin Peterson has a plan! …He wants his party’s chief ag crony (Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture*) to manipulate the rules in order to double milk prices. Continue reading Collin Peterson (D, Minnesota), Corporatist Milk Profiteer.