No, @barackobama will not fire anybody over #obamacare. Or anything else.

I understand Ed Morrissey’s point, here

A competent executive would have made examples of a few people long ago as a message to the rest to improve their work.  The problem is that we don’t have competent executives in this administration, starting at the top.  Obama won legislative achievements in his first term without any operational success, which went unnoticed because either the metrics for success ended up being far too foggy (the 2009 stimulus package), or the delivery dates went too far in the future.  The lack of competence is so obvious now that a few firings probably won’t help matters; it will take a house-cleaning now to prop up Obama as an executive.

…but it’s not gonna happen.  Bluntly: this administration has never made Doing The Job Right a priority, and it’s too late for them to start now.  If Barack Obama had fired people, the Republican party would have seized on it as an admission by the President that he had (gasp!) made a mistake*.  This administration has spent the last five years trying to make Barack Obama look like some sort of sacred God-King; perfect, without blemish, no impurities or merely human frailties.  There can be no reasonable expectation that the White House is willing, or even capable, of reversing that policy and starting anew. Continue reading No, @barackobama will not fire anybody over #obamacare. Or anything else.