Adventure Seed: the Commodore P-31.

Blame this. And… entropy, I guess.  We grow old.  …Well, at least it beats the alternative.

Commodore P-31 – Google Docs

The Commodore P-31

This ‘Commodore P-31’ is certainly an interesting piece of  inexplicable computer tech.  It’s unquestionably designed in the same style as Commodore’s 1980s computers, starting with the way the keys are set up and continuing with how the entire unit is contained in one keyboard.  This one has a serial number and production stamp on it dated 2016, but needless to say said serial number is gibberish.  It does have standard USB and HDMI ports; there’s what appears to be some sort of disk drive, but it looks more like the slot for a camera memory card than for anything else. In terms of raw processing speed and performance, it runs slightly more slowly, and a good deal more warmly, than a comparable gaming computer rig.


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