The Con Air Honest Trailer.

How I love this movie.

I do not love Con Air because it is absurd; I love Con Air because it is absurd, and that at a critical moment in production everyone involved realized that it was absurd. There are a couple ways a movie can go once that realization has been made, and in Con Air‘s case the collective decision was made to just keep going and see where absurdity would take them. In this case, it took them to one of the best action flicks ever made.

Dang, now I have to go and watch the movie again.

Moe Lane


Movie of the Week: The Musketeer.

Yes, The Musketeer was almost terminally goofy, but I liked it. It was good fodder for the campaign that I was in at the time.

And so, farewell to Con Air… which was also good gaming fodder.


Movie of the Week: Con Air.

OK, sophisticated cinema Con Air is not. But it has John Malkovich in it, and you can sort of tell that John found the entire experience sort of restful, really. Sometimes it’s nice not to have to focus too hard on your motivation, know what I mean?

And so, farewell to Small Soldiers – which had much the same appeal, when you think about it.


Two random cable-binging movie observations.

This isn’t exactly a stunning revelation or anything, but seeing the Michael Keaton Batman after you’ve seen The Dark Knight is… interesting. The first isn’t bad, but it’s definitely nothing like the second.

Also, Con Air is living proof that a movie doesn’t actually have to make any coherent sense in order to be great. Or at least worth watching again.

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