Concept Seed: Neomenancy.


The great secret of the various types of divination is that, at first, they were all pretty absurd ways of going about the business.  After all, really: predicting the future from star patterns?  Entrails of random animals? Throwing sticks in the air? The absolute first time somebody tried any of those techniques, or any of the others, they must have felt like complete and total idiots.  And the divination method almost certainly didn’t work — at least until somebody sat down and made the blessed thing work from sheer force of will.



Concept Seed: The True King of Texas.

The True King of Texas

How to become The True King of Texas: Currently?  Why, pull the Great Blade from the Dragon’s head, of course.  Previous conditions for True Kingship were equally dangerously bizarre, but this is what you have to do right now.

Powers of The True King of Texas: The usual: increased charisma; instinctual deference from all true children of the Great State of Texas; war-luck and wisdom in battle; a mild ability to heal the sick and ease pain via the laying on of hands.  Also, a True King of Texas has nothing to fear from any bovine; he can run through a cattle stampede and not take any harm. (Note: a woman who pulls the blade will become the True Queen of Texas, with identical powers, and possibly even more deference).

Drawbacks of being The True King of Texas: Boundless self-confidence, and an insufficient appreciation for your lack of immortality.


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