Quote of the Day, I Wanna See A Series About John Wick’s Assassin Hotel, Too edition.

So the people over at this site called Inverse were geeking out about John Wick 2 – which I will happily geek out over myself, because John Wick was awesome and I’m gonna go see the sequel as soon as it comes out – and one of them had this to say about what he wanted to see in the next film:

Sam Eifling: More of the Continental Hotel. In fact, every time I read about filming happening somewhere in Brooklyn, I get pissed, because that means they’re going to set scenes outside the Continental. Here you have an assassin hotel where the only house rule is No Assassinating People and still it’s a carnival of attempted (and successful) hits. That sleazy-hot bar in the basement — Ian McShane’s evil ass is still down there somewhere, handing out tips on how to find/kill gangsters and tipping gold coins on every third negroni. We know Lance Reddick hasn’t been doing dick-else but deadlifting and drinking protein shakes since The Wire wound down, so putting him back behind the front desk as the stately manager-fixer-shusher is a must. That weary taxidermist of a doctor they have on staff — what’s his back story? He’s like the Dr. Nick of hardcore underworld triage surgery. The only acceptable excuse for not planting the John Wick sequel deeper in that universe is if Lionsgate is intending to license that section of the property off for a standalone 13-episode Netflix series in 2018.

I would totally watch that Netflix series.  Thirteen episodes sounds about right; enough to tell a story, no need to pad it out further, boom, you’re done.  If you end up thinking up another story, you can do another thirteen episodes.  If not, no harm, no foul.  I approve of this serial entertainment model; I well and truly do.

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