And now, for a matter of some importance: tomato sauce seasonings.

I’m throwing together something from scratch (and a can of tomato paste), and I need some spice thoughts. Oregano/basil/a little sugar, sure, but: anything else?  Garlic, pepper, what?  I’m already tossing in some scallions and red peppers already.

The oil’s heating now for sauteing the scallions and peppers, so this is a matter of some urgency.

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This article was originally about a 14th century cookbook.

It looked promising.

King Richard II’s recipe book to go online

A 14th-century recipe book compiled by King Richard II’s master cooks is to put online for the first time to give modern-day chefs an insight into the delicacies of the Middle Ages.

In fact, the story’s from 2008.  There’s been a rash of that lately, huh?  People putting up stuff that happened years ago, I mean.  Or maybe I’m just noticing it for the first time.  I only mention this because usually when a post collapses like this, about twenty minutes into working on it, I just shrug, delete everything, and leave a cryptic note.  Let this be a Dread Revelation to all of you folks; doing it that way is more interesting than simply surveying the collapse and wreckage of what had promised at first to be a towering epic of snark.

So now you know.

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