The Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery at Chez Lane.

Not my mystery, mind you (my family did pies); my wife’s.  She’s making her mom’s from-scratch chocolate chip cookies, and they’re just not spreading out in cooking the way that she remembers them doing when she was a kid.  We’ve just finished discussing the possible reasons why; she’s fiddled with the margarine, the mixing, and whatnot, but to no avail.  I think that it may be the oven, but that just may be my general opinion about electric ovens vs. gas*. (more…)

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Tweet of the Day, Oh Crud I Need To Order Cookies From My Goddaughter edition.

Look, unless you’re from a Boston Irish background you have no idea how much trouble I’m in right now.  My goddaughter is also my niece.  I have to go right now


Gov. Pat McCrory (R, North Carolina) shuts down pro-abortion protest! …by giving them cookies.

Bless their hearts.

That was not a typo.  Or euphemism.


Gov. Pat McCrory hasn’t been willing to meet with the women (and a few men) protesting an abortion bill that opponents say restricts access to safe abortions. But he did stop by this afternoon with a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

McCrory was flanked by four security guards as he came out of the mansion gates. Before stepping onto common ground with the protesters – he went as far as the middle of the street between his mansion and the vigil – McCrory pointed directly at Jamie Sohn, a Chapel Hill resident.


Sohn said McCrory told her: “ ‘These are for you. God bless you, God bless you, God bless you.’ ” He handed her the plate of cookies, and waved as he walked away. She said she was too stunned to say anything back.



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