The RSC needs to put their IP reform paper back up. (Hi, Brian Straessle!)

Let me save Brian Straessle of the RSC some time: I understand that there currently are “several different perspectives” on US copyright law among their members.  It’s just that this one should be adopted by all of them; it’s a refreshingly blunt and remarkably straightforward argument for ending what is frankly ridiculous copyright regulatory regime in this country.  In fact, something along these lines should be introduced in the House, passed, and then waved in the Senate’s face.  Loudly.  Publicly.  With every technical news site in the country cc’ed.

By the way, I don’t blame Brian.  He’d probably agree with me, in his private capacity. But he needs to let his bosses know that the conservative base is going to be against giving the entertainment industry (which HATES us) a free ride when it comes to intellectual property.  It would also be nice if the tech sites had to go hold some Democratic feet to the fire to get IP reform passed.

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