I hereby dub the Democrats’ corporate jet tax break the “Menendez Rule.”

Please update your briefing materials accordingly.

Listening to the White House, you might think that the “balanced” Democratic plan to avert the spending cuts would close [a] loophole for private jets.

But you would be wrong.

The Senate Democratic plan – which has been endorsed by the White House and is, in fact, the only Democratic plan actively under consideration right now – doesn’t touch corporate jets.

Via Hot Air and Instapundit. Bob Menendez, of course, is the Democratic Senator who is taking fire right now for his use (and probable abuse) of a campaign contributor’s corporate jet generosity.  I think that giving a name to the practice will really help hammer home that point, don’t you think?


Obama’s class warfare… against Obama’s stimulus program.

Even for Barack Obama, this is simultaneously: shameless; and clueless.

I’ve said to Republican leaders, ‘You go talk to your constituents and ask them, “Are you willing to compromise your kids’ safety so some corporate-jet owner can get a tax break?” ‘ ”

Just in case any viewer missed his class-clashing message, Obama referred to corporate-jet owners at least three more times before he took his second question.

It’s shameless because President Obama has only one rhetorical trick, and that’s to demonize everybody who disagrees with whatever faux-Hegelian position he’s ended up taking on any given day.  It’s particularly clueless because what the President apparently doesn’t know is that the latest iteration of the tax break in question was put into place as part of Barack Obama’s own 2009 “stimulus.”

Just a few months after lawmakers scolded auto executives for flying to Washington in private jets, Congress approved a tax break in the stimulus package to help businesses buy their own planes.

The incentive — first used to help plane makers recover from the 2001 terror attacks — sharply reduces the up front tax bill for companies who buy assets like business planes.


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