Item Seed: Creepify.exe.

Creepify – Google Docs




This free PC browser extension would be strictly mythical, except that it appears just a little too often for that to happen. Its exact form varies from incarnation to incarnation; the browser used and the type of files it processes is never the same twice. So far, the only computer type that a version will appear is the PC. This equally relieves and offends Apple-using occultists.


For roughly 99.999% of the population, the only thing that Creepify.exe does is take an e-book’s text and ‘creepifies’ it by adding scary adverbs at random, switching out innocuous adjectives for alarming ones, and replacing all the proper nouns with names and places that are considered to be more baroque and unsettling. Creepify.exe is a free app; which is good, because the end result is usually extremely stupid and sometimes not even comprehensible.  


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