Elizabeth Warren’s inaccurate Karl Rove whining.

So let me set the background, here.  Crossroads GPS  is a 501(c)(4) associated with American Crossroads (a 527 advocacy group which has Karl Rove advising it; this will be important later), and it put out this ad on Massachusetts Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren (who is running, of course, against Republican Senator Scott Brown).  Said ad helpfully points out that Warren was up to her eyeballs assisting the 2008 TARP bailout – yes, the same bailout that she’s now trying to be a class warrior against:

Summation of the video: Elizabeth Warren talks a good game, but she was involved in TARP, in a supervisory role – so if people don’t like the way that TARP unfolded, blame her.  The ad alludes to the way that Warren sucked up to the Chamber of Commerce in order to try to get support to be made the formal head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Moving away from the ad: Warren also tried that with the 2010 crop of freshmen House Republicans, with about the same amount of success.  On the other hand, Warren did manage to put into place the man who would eventually succeed her as chief CFPB bureaucrat… one Raj Date, former executive at Capital One and Deutsche Bank.  All in all, this is all pretty standard, somewhat interchangeable Washington insider (Democratic edition) stuff from Warren.  Nothing special, alas. (more…)

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