Book of the Week: Monster Hunter International.

Monster Hunter International is the first book in Larry Correia’s urban fantasy Monster Hunter series, which has a pretty straightforward premise: monsters exist.  People hunt them.  The basic concept is sound enough for a fantasy series; now add an awe-inspiring knowledge of gun porn and a cheerful willingness to show no mercy towards standard fantasy tropes (particularly when they would run smack dab into modern life*) and you have perfect Kindle-fodder.  Lots of fun.

So was Cthulhu 101, of course, but all things must end.



Book of the Week: Cthulhu 101.

Simply put: if you need a book to get you up to speed on the various aspects (and available materials) of the Cthulhu Mythos, Cthulhu 101 is the book for you.  There’s stuff in here that I didn’t know, and that will inform my buying/watching/reading habits for the next month or so as I get up to speed.  Plus, it’s funny enough that I don’t dare read it while my gut heals from the gallbladder surgery.  Ken Hite outdid himself with this one, in other words.

And so we say goodbye to Murder Mysteries.  But not forgotten.


So… Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly.

It’s the latest Delta Green* novel, which got funded via Kickstarter.  The electronic version is supposedly going out today to backers, with the hardcopy being available in about a week or so: I totally missed this one, so I ain’t getting either until they make either available to regular buyers.  Can’t wait: I rarely buy book tie-ins, but my appetite for Mythos stuff is nigh-insatiable.

Above a certain level of quality, of course.  Some of you probably know what I mean already, and the rest of you are fortunate not to.

Moe Lane

PS: Ken Hite’s Cthulhu 101 came in the mail last week.  Damned funny and damned useful: there’s stuff in there that I missed.

PPS: “Philosophy,” a DG story, via The Unspeakable Oath.

*For those unfamiliar with the game: Call of Cthulhu meets secret government anti-Mythos conspiracy.  Made out of Crystalline Awesome with tightly-woven WIN inserts.

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