Ooh. Pelgrane Press is putting out a hardback Cthulhu Apocalypse campaign setting.

I thought that that was what the countdown on their site was for. Anyway, I’ve previously bought the gaming supplements that are acting as the backbone for Cthulhu Apocalypse; it’s basically all about how to roleplaying out the end of the world, Mythos-style. Which means, yeah, the world is going to end and that is the way of it. You don’t play anything with the title ‘Cthulhu’ in it for a Magical Sparkly Happy Ending and the Krogan baking you a cake, is what I’m saying.


Well, this was a day for the electronic book thingies.

Picked up the Microscope RPG on Ken Hite’s advice, more or less, and the Cthulhu Apocalypse – Slaves of the Mother RPG supplement on my own hook.  Oh, and Michael Totten – yeah, the guy who wrote all that stuff about the Middle East – wrote a zombie novel (Resurrection: A Zombie Novel).

So, it looks like I’ll have plenty to read this weekend.

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