The inevitable Al Gore + Global Warming Conference = SNOW! post.

Byron York wants to know what Republican legislators are doing in Copenhagen.

Getting snowed in, apparently.

As if on cue with former Vice President Al Gore’s arrival in Copenhagen, the site of the United Nation’s climate summit is expected to receive heavy snowfall and bitter cold temperatures. With a bit of amusement some have pointed to the arrival of the cold weather as an example of the ‘Gore Effect’.

In recent years, the term ‘Gore Effect’ has come to take note of unseasonable weather that seems to accompany the Nobel Laureate or when a significant global warming event is held. Since 2004 these coincidences occur with uncanny frequency.

Well, at least this way Al Gore’s killing less polar bears.

Moe Lane

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Phrase of the day: ‘Climategate Denier.’

As per Simon Scowl of, who uses it with malice aforethought against Cubslayer Gore.  The context: Gore claimed that the Climategate emails were ten years old, and the CNN guy called him on it right away, and Gore… said nothing further about it.  Simon Scowl:

His financial and psychological investment in this crap is way too deep for him to acknowledge such, ahem, inconvenient truths. The only way to deal with such a massive blow to his ego is to just bull through it. Pretend it’s not happening. He is, to borrow a phrase, a Climategate denier.


Moe Lane

PS: Having listened to Gore, I’m reminded: dag. Triple-digit IQ people believe in this guy? And how long will the CNN guy last at his job?

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The Emo-Eco poetry of Al Gore.

Actually, I unfairly malign emos by comparing them to Al Gore. He’s like an emo wannabe.

Ace of Spades HQ has the full text of this poem, for those who can’t quite make out my deliberately overwrought screeching. Suffice it to say, this has been one heck of a midlife crisis for Mister Gore.

Moe Lane

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Not Quote of the Day, edition.

Because I’ve already done Quote of the Day.  Still, on the news that Cubslayer Gore has apparently decided to cut back his Copenhagen appearances in this brave, post-Climategate New World, notes:

How great would it be if Al Gore skipped Copenhagen altogether? If I were him right now, I’d be laying in bed with my laptop and pint after pint of Chunky Monkey, watching the Google search results for “Climategate” skyrocket, weeping and whispering, “Why? Why, Gaia, why?” Hey wait, that’s what I’m doing right now.

Mind you, this assumes that Gore has a working sense of shame.  Given the way that he keeps insisting on killing polar bears with his brazenly profligate energy use, that’s doubtful.

Moe Lane

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Al Gore might as well be walking on the sun*.

Another entry in the Democratic party’s War on Science:

Mr. Gore apparently thinks that we live on the surface of Sol; as Ed Morrissey notes, this temperature range is more accurate for stellar cores than for terrestrial ones.  Ed also notes that this is unlikely to destroy Gore’s credibility, which is a conclusion that I reluctantly share.  If his acolytes have swallowed everything else that the man says, they’ll swallow this, too…

Moe Lane

*Surprisingly apropos.

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Booby Prize for Creigh Deeds.

He asked for the President; he got the Cubslayer.

Gore coming to Va. for Deeds

Former Vice President Al Gore will be coming to Virginia on Friday to give a last-minute boost to the Democratic candidate for governor, Creigh Deeds, a party source said.

Gore will headline a private fundraiser in McLean at the home of longtime Democratic supporters Al and Claire Dwoskin.

But surely this doesn’t necessarily mean…

Obama in Virginia, But Not For Deeds

President Obama is in Fairfax County today.

But not to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds.


Instead, Obama visits the Fairfax County Parkway extension today with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to talk about federal stimulus spending.



Moe Lane

PS: Bob McDonnell for Governor.

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Q. How does Al Gore handle inconvenient truths?

A. By getting the microphone cut off, of course. Via Breitbart TV and the B-Cast:

For the record, I find the sight of Big Green shills stomping on the free speech of an independent whistleblower – yes, that was fun to write; thanks for asking – to be just a sign that they themselves know that they’re having problems pushing their agenda these days. When even the BBC’s no longer a reliable stenographer (H/T: AoSHQ), well…

Moe Lane

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‘There’s a polar bear. Coming through the *wall*. Where’s my camera?’

Not to argue with Fark, but this is not “cute.”


This is a half-ton apex predator attempting to burst through the porthole and eat the photographer.  Admittedly, it is doing so in a manner that others might categorize as ‘cute’ – and I respect the living hell out of the photographer in question for getting the shot, even if he or she was freaking out at the time – but geez, those things are huge.

No wonder Al Gore wants them all dead.

Outrageously outrageous outrage* of the day: Rush Limbaugh electric car edition.

Rush Limbaugh drives over Al Gore. Twice.

Which is a sign of professionalism, actually.  As Hot Air’s own commenters note, most of us would have spent a considerably longer time running over the Cubslayer’s cardboard cutout. This makes more thematic sense: hit it once, back up and hit it again to make clear that this was deliberate, then go back to the race. And then wait for the gallant defenders of the helpless cutout start up… and never mind that 3/4ths of the complainers have watched Death Race 2000, cheering.

Although it occurs to me that they might not.  After all, they have a clip now of Rush Limbaugh liking an electric car.  Based on past experience, I believe that this earns him an indulgence from the Online Left on anything up to barratry (naval definition).

Moe Lane

PS: I’ll take electric car advocates seriously when they start talking about how it’s a matter of vital national energy security to muzzle the anti-nuclear power fanatics.

*Stolen from Allahpundit.  I think.

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