The CYBERPUNK 2077 gameplay trailer.

The current release date for CYBERPUNK 2077 is December 10, supposedly. We’ll see. Personally, I’m wondering how close to Queen of the Girl Scouts I can get my character. You’d assume not very, but my Geralts were all squeaky clean in the Witcher games, so I have some hopes of subverting the genre here, too.

CD PROJEKT RED puts up some CYBERPUNK 2077 videos.

This one is about the actual band (Refused) that they’re using to be the band (Samurai) for the game. It’s very interesting! CD Projekt Red is going for a specific sound, which I guess is something that you can do when you’re writing a AAA game whose budget might break nine figures*. I also suspect that the non-gamer lead vocalist that they interviewed may not be entirely sure just how monstrously big CYBERPUNK 2077 might get.

More videos at the link above, including a look at lifepaths. I suspect that I will be going corporate for my first run. I’m wondering whether I’ll want to run the other two, afterward.

*It’ll make that back, though. Shoot, I can’t be the only person who pre-ordered.

Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC rollout to be much like Witcher: Wild Hunt’s.

This news is not too surprising: the way that CD Projekt Red handled updates and DLC for Witcher: Wild Hunt was very popular. If you missed it, what CDPR did was release for free a variety of little extras on a regular basis, including some quests, and then put out two large multi-hour adventure DLC for cash. It worked very well; I for one didn’t feel like the company was holding back necessary content for more money, and the regular additions generally reassured me that CDPR was actively supporting the game. If they do the same thing with Cyberpunk 2077, that will be righteously cool.

Watch me pass along a Cyberpunk 2077 rumor!

I actually try to avoid doing these, because I rather badly want to play Cyberpunk 2077 and I know it. I therefore try not to buy into any random rumor coming down the pike. Of course, the idea that we’d get a trailer and a release date from CD Projekt Red at E3 this year is a bit more than a ‘rumor;’ it’s close to being an ‘educated guess.’ When CDPR shows up for their presentation nobody’s going to care about any other game that they’re doing right now. We’re going to want to see stuff about Cyberpunk 2077. It’s just good business sense to show us something, hey?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Grasping at straws. Still, I built this new game around the game’s likely performance requirements. I’m kind of committed at this point.

Moe Lane

Shockingly*, Cyberpunk 2077 will be different than the demo.

Good news is, CD Projekt Red is apparently using the right role models for Cyberpunk 2077:

The developers drew inspiration from past titles, including Vampire Bloodlines, The Elder Scrolls, and Deus Ex. Tomaszkiewicz considers Vampire Bloodlines the “perfect example of a first person game and RPG,” and of course The Elder Scrolls is hugely popular. Cyberpunk 2077 will be less fantasy than The Elder Scrolls, though.

“In short, both Vampire Bloodlines and Deus Ex are my two greatest inspirations,” Tomaszkiewicz says.

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