Cyborg (Quantum 7).

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Cyborg (Quantum 7)


This Quantum 7 world is about two steps up from being a hell world; its history has gotten steadily more and more dreary and dark since the 1600s. It’s polluted, dirty, not particularly safe — and uniquely valuable to both Centrum and Infinity, because its inhabitants seem almost addicted to trying out new prosthetic, biotechnical, and general medical procedures and devices.  The timeline also strictly off-limits to both groups, because the inhabitants also routinely test out all of these things on unwilling test subjects.  Cyborg’s techniques even makes Centrans squeamish, and they don’t squeam easily.


How well this ban works is a matter of some debate. Certainly every new innovative medical technique that comes out of the Infinite Worlds is eventually linked with Cyborgian vivisectionists — at least, according to conspiracy theorists. And there certainly are crosstime organizations out there that are less squeamish than even Centrum.


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