Tweet of the Day, Man, The NY Daily News Is FUMING edition.

I’ve rarely seen them this angry on the front page.

Admittedly, it’s Eliot Spitzer: but, shoot, they were so mad that they misspelled words on the front page. That’s special raging fury of a billion exploding suns, right there.

Via Hot Air Greenroom, which depressingly also notes that Eliot Spitzer is ahead in the primary. But that’s OK, at least from the point of view of content generation: I already know my tagline for that particular race.

#rsrh Mortimer Zuckerman is unhappy.

I had a rather rude and pointed draft post here originally about how Daily News owner and real estate mogul Mortimer Zuckerman is not very happy with the way that President Barack Obama is mishandling the country these days.  Unfortunately, it was also a rather tedious and pedantic post, which took far too long to get to the point that if Zuckerman is really unhappy then he and his paper had better stop supporting and endorsing Democrats* and start supporting and endorsing Republicans.  But lo! – it’s so much easier just to write that out, and be done with it.

Although the other version had bullet points.  Bullet points are my weakness.  I REGRET NOTHING.

Moe Lane

*Including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who frankly is not keeping the Crazy People away from the productive class the way that she promised the productive class that she would.