In Nomine Revisited: Daisy, Habbalite Archangel of Cheerfulness.

Once upon a time, there was a contest on the In Nomine List to come up with the single most horrifying and horrible Demon Prince that we could possibly think of.  Something… foul, and squicky. Something thoroughly vile.

This was my entry.

Daisy – Google Docs



Habbalite Archangel of Cheerfulness

The world is just so sweet and lovely that I could just hug it and hug it forever! It’s full of puppies, and pretty flowers, and fuzzy sweaters, and oh, all sorts of fun-fun things! Of course, there’s a lot of icky nasty-poo things too, like bugs and frowns, and smelly old people, but we’ll get rid of them all, and then we can all get together and sing happy songs for the rest of eternity!

Don’t you think that’s just swell?!?

I knew you would…


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