I was going to ask whether anybody had seen ‘Darkest Hour’ yet…

…but apparently the answer’s probably going to be ‘no:’ Darkest Hour’s only showing in four theaters. I can only assume that the idea is to get it in early as Oscar-bait before it gets a wider release in a week. Welp. Guess I’m gonna go see Coco on Monday, then.  Which isn’t exactly a hardship, but movie release strategies remain bemusing for me.


The latest Darkest Hour trailer.

Here is the thing: this is one of the best makeup jobs I have ever seen.

Seriously, look at these three Gary Oldman pictures.

I can believe that the guy in the middle is the same guy as the one on the right. But neither looks like the guy on the left.  At least, to me. As I said, this is a whizzo makeup job; because while Gary Oldman doesn’t look like he normally does neither does he look like he’s wearing prostheses, or whatever they did to give him jowls and a wider face generally.  It’s really very impressive, honestly.

Anyway, Darkest Hour is coming out during Thanksgiving, so I dunno when I’m going to see it.


The “Wait, That’s Gary Oldman?” Darkest Hour trailer.

No, really, that’s Gary Oldman playing Winston Churchill. And I think that they’re playing it straight. Which is… nice. You never know, with Hollywood.

Comes out November 22nd.

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