Now there is some quality game-mastering, right there.

Because while a self-inflicted Total Party Kill has its charms, it’s very wasteful to let it happen in the first couple of game sessions.  You need to let them build up to it on their own.  So that it’s personalCathartic, really.

Annnnnnd that’s why GMs still do the ‘roll to see if you see the panther in the tree‘ line.  Or, rather, sometimes why they do it.  It’s a handy hint to get people’s heads back on a swivel.

Wow, this was a brazen attempt at theft.

I mean, it’s fine to subscribe to a RSS feed, obviously; and it’s even OK to aggregate a bunch of RSS feeds.  But to aggregate a bunch of webcomic RSS feeds, rip the images off of them, turn the result into an app, and then sell advertising on it… bad form, AdultComix.  Very, very bad form.

Via Darths & Droids, which is one of the comics being ripped off… and who is not happy about it at all.  I wonder how strict Australian copyright law is? – Well, I guess that we’ll find out…


QotD, That’s Actually Really Good Advice edition.

David Morgan-Mar has set himself a seemingly-impossible task: to wit, trying to make the Star Wars prequels make sense.  Being a clever fellow, he has done so by re-imagining the whole sorry mess as an extended tabletop roleplaying game campaign – which works.  It works frighteningly well.  Jar Jar Binks makes a hell of a lot more sense when you realize that he’s being run by a twelve year old girl who is just getting into this entire gaming thing.  You even like the character, then.  Or will at least forgive him.

Anyway, while trying to make sense of the idea that the Wookiees would charge an enemy assaulting a beachhead when they’ve got all these lovely ranged weapons handy, David writes this bit on how to achieve victory conditions in warfare:

If attempting to defend an impossible position with bowmen and knights on foot against Genoese crossbowmen and tens of thousands of armoured, mounted knights, make sure you are heavily outnumbered. If attempting to repel a force of cavalry and men-at-arms with longbowmen on St Crispin’s Day, make sure you are vastly outnumbered. If defending a hospital stockade against Zulus, make sure you are enormously outnumbered.

You can choose a different, and more creative, path by doing the opposite of what the losers did. If you field an overwhelming force against a paltry number of defenders, whatever you do, make sure the defenders are not English!

Damn straight.  To paraphrase The Boomer Bible, those guys aren’t happy unless they have no choice but to do things the hard way.