#rsrh QotD, The Great Obamacare Health Tax Hangover edition.

Datechguy notes that, contra the somewhat misogynistic and certainly low-rent exuberance coming out of the DNC over having the Obamacare health tax upheld, Democratic street monsters are quietly freaking worried about how the ruling will interfere with their candidates’ electoral chances.  The problem is that nobody likes to run on tax increases, and Obamacare is an at minimum five hundred billion tax increase* on the middle class. After noting that, and the large sums of money being raised by the GOP on short notice, Datechguy concludes.

As General Nathanael Greene said after Bunker Hill: I wish we could sell them another hill at the same price.


Moe Lane

*The US Supreme Court also defanged the Obama administration’s plan to foist Medicare costs off on the states, so expect it to become a heck of a lot more obviously fiscally irresponsible, very soon.

Why we’re kicking back on the copkiller thing.

Like the DaTechguy, I’m actually not outraged over Kos’s Pittsburgh comments, and for the same reason: this is who the Online Left are, this is what they set out to become, and now they’re there and have to deal with the consequences of eating, drinking, and breathing hate for eight years.  So, no surprise, and you need surprise to sustain outrage.

Fully justified contempt, on the other hand, is still easily achievable.  And quite fun.  I can’t wait to start asking Democratic Congressional candidates if they too believe that Republicans are copkillers, and neither can anybody else on this side of the spectrum.