The DAUGHTER OF THE LILIES – Book 1 Kickstarter.

It’s no real secret that Daughter of the Lilies is a favorite webcomic of mine — it’s a post-apocalyptic magical fantasy series. Gee. Go figure — and I’ve waited a while for a print copy of the first volume. Behold! Here it is.

It’s probably gonna fund by the time you read this – possibly even before I finish writing this – but that’s all right. As I said, I want a print copy of the first volume.

Webcomic I just started following: Daughter of the Lilies.

Daughter of the Lilies is just starting to really kick into high gear: it’s heroic fantasy, adventuring party edition. The artist insists that it’s not based on D&D, which just goes to show how persuasive that game has been on modern fantasy. ┬áStory line is good, so far: the coloring has been very nice and there’s a fairly good amount of implied worldbuilding going on in the background. Plus maybe just a hint of trinitarianism, but I’ll have to read more of it before I’m sure. ┬áCheck it out.