Carradine’s Lawyer suggests death due to martial arts assassins.

I will hide nothing from you: I think that this theory is absurd, and I am prepared to believe it anyway.  Via @baseballcrank:

‘Whack’y Kung Fu

Wow, but the New York Post is good at headlines.

A secret sect of kung fu assassins could have silenced actor David Carradine as he delved into their shadowy activities, according to his family’s lawyer.

In a twist that could be straight out of one the “Kill Bill” star’s movies, attorney Mark Geragos suggested that Carradine may have been killed as he tried to uncover groups working in the martial-arts underworld.

I am prepared to believe it primarily because it is, in the end, a far more reputable end for David Carradine than the rather depressing, and embarrassing alternative*.  There are times when you have to embrace objective reality, and there are times when you probably shouldn’t.  I see no real harm in ‘probably shouldn’t,’ this one specific time – as long as it’s understood in advance and it’s aboveboard that that’s what happening.

So… secret kung fu assassins. No problem.  We’ll go with that.

Moe Lane

*Which all of you know by now, and which I am going to avoid bringing up, solely because it bothers Little Miss Attila a little when somebody does.