#rsrh Supreme Court Fight Club Watch: 06/28/2011.

Not much to report on this, except that:

  • NRO has a report on the entire Bradley attack that looks… about like how I thought it happened, really.  Short version: Bradley wigged out, Prosser was defending himself, the Left needs to just deal with it.  Not to mention, zip their pants back up.
  • Ann Althouse has just discovered that proper feminists are apparently supposed to simply parrot whatever narrative that the Democrats need them to parrot; if they don’t, they get to be attacked by hyper-progressive men!  Who generally seem… to really get into it, IYKWIMAITTYD.
  • Joy McCann (now of The Conservatory) is having none of that, by the way.  I add this link mostly for the H/Ts, and to encourage my readers to check out Joy’s new digs.


Reviewing Ann Bradley’s physical attack on David Prosser…

what?  I am perfectly entitled to use the rules of thumb popularized by left-wing hack groups like ThinkProgress or Talking Points Memo: since they felt justified in using uncorroborated anonymous reports to vicariously convict Prosser of assault, they have absolutely no justification for other people using the precise same criteria to vicariously convict Bradley.  Besides, my version makes much more coherent sense.

OK, let me explain this one for folks coming in late.  About two weeks ago there was supposedly a violen… oh, let’s not use euphemisms: supposedly, two Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices (Prosser and Bradley) got into a fight.  It was first reported that Prosser put Bradley in a choke-hold – whereupon most of the Online Left dropped their pants and started typing blissfully angry screeds about how the crime of one Supreme Court Justice attacking another Supreme Court Justice could only be made right with an immediate resignation – only to have it later come out that other reports had it that Bradley had actually charged Prosser with fists raised, and that Prosser was merely defending himself against a larger and younger opponent.  Complicating all of this is the minor detail that no charges were apparently filed*, and Bradley has only now come out with a rather belated claim accusing Prosser of the choking, while not explaining why she is not pursuing a criminal case.  Which is very possibly due to the fact that there’s at least one witness apparently who told Bradley at the time that no, she had not been choked.

Note, by the way, that all of the people involved – participants and witnesses – are Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices.  You’re going to see some fascinating dissents from these people for the next few years. (more…)


Joanne Kloppenburg concedes to David Prosser in WI Supreme Court race.


…that is to say, Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Joanne Kloppenburg has conceded the election results for her Supreme Court bid against incumbent David Prosser.  My congratulations to Justice Prosser; you had an unexpectedly difficult race, and you were able to succeed nonetheless.  Well done, sir.

Also, a word to the Greater Wisconsin Committee?  You know, the group that created that scurrilous ad that was so awful that it caused a backlash in the Prosser/Kloppenburg race.  Anyway, just a reminder: if you guys weren’t a bunch of hate-filled partisan hacks who would cheerfully attack an abuse survivor in order to keep your Big Labor/Democrat masters happy, you might have won that election.  But you didn’t, which means that you more of less smeared excrement on your collective souls for… nothing.  Nothing at all.

Have a nice day!

Moe Lane (crosspost)


Where are the adult Wisconsin Democrats?

Because somebody in the Wisconsin Democratic party needs to be the adult in the David Prosser/JoAnne Kloppenburg state Supreme Court recount, here.  This nonsense has gone on long enough: three weeks and a quarter-million taxpayer dollars later, it has – not ‘become’ obvious that Prosser has won.  It’s been obvious since they certified the results.  What’s more properly ‘become’ obvious is that the Kloppenburg camp has decided to simply wait until the recount is over, then challenge the results in court on the grounds of a Democrat lost/ they don’t like the results/democracy.  Which is why the Democrats are doing things like disenfranchising nuns; it’s all about the narrative that they hope to present, at this point.

As to why the Democrats need to find some adults, fast… it’s for their own self-preservation, really.  Shark & Shepherd gives the reason: even postulating that a successful challenge to and overthrow of legitimate election* results occurs (which neither he or I think is likely), the consequences to the Democratic party of Wisconsin would be disastrous. (more…)


#rsrh Quick update on Prosser/Kloppenburg recount.

That’s the Wisconsin Supreme Court race that was supposed to be a stunning repudiation of Governor Scott Walker’s (R) reforms, right up to the moment that David Prosser won.

Anyway, they’re down to recounting one county – which Prosser won, handily – and the number hasn’t remotely changed enough to justify Kloppenburg continuing on with the recount.  Then again, it’s not Kloppenburg’s money – just the Wisconsin taxpayers’ – so expect her to keep letting the Democratic party erode away her respectability, dignity, and good name for the benefit of Big Labor.

I’d feel bad, except it’s not like anybody threatened her or anything.  Labor unions reserve that sort of thing for teenagers trapped in their houses.


It is over. David Prosser won his Supreme Court race.

Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board has received the full number of certified results by county in last week’s state Supreme Court race between David Prosser and Joanne Kloppenburg.  With all counties in, Prosser leads by 7,316 votes: this margin is enough to permit a free recount by the state on the defeated Kloppenburg’s behalf, but 7,316 votes is a difference that is not only far beyond the likelihood of being reversed by a fair recount; it is also beyond what political scientists call ‘the margin of fraud.’  Simply put: Kloppenburg can waste Wisconsin’s money, if her Democratic/Big Labor bosses wish it, but it won’t make a difference anyway.

I fully expect that the Activist Left will wish to ride this one out to the bitter end – which is entertaining, primarily because it will cause them more long term angst and disappointment than anything that I could do.  Or possibly even be allowed to do without risking serious long-term harm to my basic ethical state. (more…)


I think David Prosser has won his WI Supreme Court race.

At least, for him to lose it at this point will be actually be a bit of a surprise.  The numbers don’t seem to be there for his opponent.

First, let’s look at the total votes cast in Milwaukee and Outagamie counties (the two remaining to be canvassed), as of right now.  Prosser’s current vote margin: 7,310.

Milwaukee % Outagamie % Combined %
Prosser 98,933 43% 24,775 57% 123,708 46%
Kloppenburg 128,644 57% 18,885 43% 147,529 54%
227,577 43,660 271,237

Assuming that there’s simply no sudden appearance of 7,311 Kloppenburg ballots – and I invite any Democratic election fraud enthusiasts to try; I enjoy watching perp walks – the Democrats will need a net shift of those ballots for the same amount.  That would mean a net 3 percentage point shift towards the Democrats… which is a lot, in this context.  To put it another way: 7,310 votes is (in my opinion) outside of the margin of fraud. (more…)


#rsrh David Prosser refuses to provoke the Lords of Karma.

Smart of him:

Justice David Prosser appeared on Fox News Thursday night and told host Greta Van Sustern, “I’m not conceding, and I’m not congratulating. And I’m not claiming victory.”

“We’re simply waiting out the process,” Prosser added.

One of the single most foolish things that you can do in this business is prematurely declare victory.  Sure, when it works it’s great; but if it doesn’t(more…)


#rsrh Phrase of the Day, Look At The Pretty Colors edition.

Mainlining schadenfreude.”


Moe Lane

PS: It’s still going to be a long, grinding recount process in Wisconsin.  But a seven thousand vote margin changes the dynamic.


The Morning After Wisconsin.

Well.  It’s barely Prosser, and we’re off to the recount.  You’re going to see the phrase  ‘margin of fraud’ a lot this morning; while this is a valid concern, the bright side to that is that with a Republican governor AND Republican legislature – neither of which is particularly inclined to be trusting – Wisconsin Democrats will find it harder to play the same games that their compatriots may-or-may-not-have-played in either Washington State or Minnesota.  Seriously, having Republicans in charge of the oversight hearings will be a big help in keeping down shenanigans; we had neither in the Rossi / Coleman affairs, and in my opinion it had an effect.

Even brighter side?  Maybe Secretary of State Doug La Follette* will muck up things enough to justify a recall election.  Retiring that particular well-meaning political dynasty from the American political scene would frankly be a mitzvah.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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