So, I finished up Dawn of the Morninglight. (Secret World Legends)

This is the first real story-driven content for Secret World Legends since they put up some Tokyo missions for The Secret World. Short version: you’ve gone to South Africa in order to infiltrate a popular and organized cult in a world where every conspiracy is real, and probably up to its waist in blood. You can imagine how messed up things can get.

The good: it’s definitely new content and there’s a good, solid adventure in there. The writing’s top-notch as always and the lore’s appropriately messed up.  FunCom has thought about how to handle players who are as ridiculously over-geared and extremely powerful as I am, and the game actually managed to kill me in combat once! I was impressed.  It’s a decent first chapter, in other words. I’m glad that we got it.

The bad: needs more action missions, needs more sabotage missions, needs needs needs more investigation missions.  We also need another couple of lairs, new dungeons (plus the dungeons that still haven’t ported over from TSW), and proper PvP.  The usual complaints, in other words.  All in all, though, if you’ve played SWL before this adventure won’t waste your time.  In fact, I want there to be more of it.

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