The BLACK ADAM trailer.

Wow. Watching Black Adam try to get his head around the assumptions inherent in the Marvel Family is going to be fascinating to watch.

Mind you, I also regret that we never saw Captain Marvel meet Zack Snyder’s Lex Luthor; the former would have reduced the latter to spluttering, outraged idiocy within five minutes, flat. Anyway, yeah: I’ll watch this when it finally comes out. Aside from everything else, it’s got Hawkman in it.

The WONDER TWINS movie has been canceled.

Our not-very-long only-kind-of-national more-like-a-slightly-weird dream is over: “A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Warner Bros. had cast 1883 actress Isabel May and Riverdale actor KJ Apa to co-star in DC’s live-action Wonder Twins movie. The movie was being produced for HBO Max, but the film has now reportedly been canceled.”

Honestly, I was bemused about this project from the start. What itch was it hoping to scratch? Sure, I watched Super Friends when I was a kid. Most people my age did. And I imagine that most people my age avoid re-watching the shows now, because dear God but they must suck. So I never saw the appeal, really.

Nostalgia has its limits.


Tweet of the Day, Let’s Not Be Too Hasty Here, DC edition.

I know it’s April Fool’s Day – but I’m not saying no. To a TV show, at least. Or maybe even just a poster?

Via @JoePCunningham.

The WONDER TWINS project shows us the dark side of pandering.

I can’t help but think that this is my fault, somehow: “Warner Bros. Pictures is currently in the process of developing HBO Max’s next live-action DC film, centering around super-powered alien siblings the Wonder Twins.” …I mean, I’m the target demographic, right? I watched the Super-Friends show. About midway through its long and complicated run through the Saturday morning cartoon lineup, so I guess that they want a shot at my eyeballs for this particular nostalgia hit.


Tweet of the Day, “JSA! JSA! JSA!” edition.

What time is it, folks? It’s JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA TIME.

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So, there’s not gonna be that THE TRENCH movie.

It turns out that THE TRENCH was misdirection; they were going to do a Black Manta movie instead. Now that it’s fallen through, too, director James Wan sees no reason not to admit it. Personally, I’m with GeekTyrant: I’d rather have had the Lovecraftian sea monster superhero flick.

Nothing against Yahya Abdul-Mateen, mind you. He’ll be a great villain for the second Aquaman film. But I wanted Cthulhu and Deep Ones in the DC, dagnabbit. I do not think that this is an unreasonable thing to want.

The FLASH and BLACK ADAM teaser trailers.

Yes, I am aware of the nonsense that they decided to put Superman through in the comic books. They do love trying to be edgy, don’t they? – And it will work just as well as it has in the past; which is to say, not at all. It won’t sell ’em more comic books and it won’t even stop the steady erosion of market share. But cheer up: the character will eventually enter the public domain. Or somebody with the copyright will decide that they’d like to increase their sales for a change. Either will do.

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And what is PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES? Why, this: a 1960s Italian camp flick that apparently you can’t get anymore because it actually doesn’t suck at all.

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DC to back into the #Snyderverse with an INJUSTICE animated show?

Okay, fine, the answer is probably no. They’re just going to do the movie version of the cutscenes, or something. But you know me: always ready to stir the ordure.

And while I’m here: I personally cannot wait for the current crop of revisionist Superman stories finally plays out. I kind of feel bad for the folks who made SUPERMAN: RETURNS, honestly. They missed… the moment, the confidence of the studio, something… and then it all got abandoned when MAN OF STEEL came along. The irony is, I think the former will eventually end up being remembered as being the ‘real’ sequel to SUPERMAN II, while the latter will not get a critical reevaluation. Or something like that.

All that being said, turning the animated INJUSTICE movie into the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE sequel would be gonzo. If only to savor the outraged screams of everybody still upset that the Snyder Cut even got made.

Finally figured out what’s been bothering me about the latest Batman designs.

And it’s always the same thing:

You can’t see the dang symbol in the dark. As Frank Miller’s Batman once famously pointed out, he wears a big target on his chest because he can’t armor his head. (I even think they referenced that here.)

Moe Lane

PS: As I have noted before, I am tentatively down for Violent Goth Batman. It’s a legitimate take on the character. Annnnnd… dammit, they’re still not doing a animated version of THE DOOM THAT CAME TO GOTHAM. What, DC doesn’t like money?