White House doubles down on December 1st start for #obamacare.

Hot Air is gaming out the various possibilities behind this statement:

The Obama administration continues to stand behind its prediction that it will fix the Obamacare website “for the vast majority of users” by the end of the month, administration spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri confirms over e-mail.

…including, to be fair, the classic It’s a trap! theory, based on that trick that the 2008 Obama campaign loved to spring on us every month with fundraising totals until we wised up and stopped assuming that they would ever have bad months. And I will be honest: it’s a good trick, and I’m sure that the administration would love to spring it on us. The only trouble there is: the administration has messed up everything else about the Obamacare rollout.  They plan to start becoming hyper-competent now?  Can you, what, take a pill for that?


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