Delta Green: The Labyrinth Kickstarter drops tomorrow.

I know three things: the title (Delta Green: The Labyrinth*); that it drops tomorrow; and that the author of this Mythos RPG sourcebook is John Scott Tynes. …And that’s the ballgame right there, folks. John Tynes was one of the original authors of the original Delta Green books, which I found in the legendary Compleat Strategist gaming store in NYC. I remember looking at them, seeing the price tags**, sighing ruefully — then stopping. Wait, I said. I have a real job, I said. I could buy these. Just, you know… buy them. Continue reading Delta Green: The Labyrinth Kickstarter drops tomorrow.

The Delta Green Bundle of Holding.

This Delta Green Bundle of Holding is for the new edition, which is gorgeous.  It’s a government conspiracy Cthulhu Mythos RPG — although anybody reading this site surely knows this by now, given how I talk about it all the time — and I can personally say that every item in the Bundle of Holding is worth the attention. So get it now, while the threshold price is under thirty bucks.

The Way It Went Down (Delta Green Kickstarter reward) now available.

One of the rewards for the Delta Green Kickstarter was The Way It Went Down, which is a collection of 33 short-short stories by Dennis Detwiller written in the Delta Green Cthulhu Mythos universe. Three bucks, candy if you’re a Delta Green enthusiast like myself.  I personally got distracted by the book and have been steadily chewing away at it for the last hour or so; your own mileage may vary, but if you were in on the Delta Green Kickstarter I think that you’d be getting it for free anyway.

So check it out.

In the mail: A bunch of Delta Green books.

I may have gone a bit overboard.

To be fair, these are all print versions of the Delta Green Kickstarter PDFs that got made; they were originally supposed to be just available in PDF, but I guess Arc Dream figured out how to print them cheaply enough. Anyway, they offered five bucks off per book, so I just started grabbing. And wasn’t it a fun exercise in getting them, too. Long story, and it got resolved to my satisfaction, so I’m not gonna tattle on anybody.

In the e-mail: Delta Green: Handler’s Guide.

Delta Green: Handler’s Guide is the GM guide for the Delta Green RPG itself; and when you’ve been a fan of the game for as long as I have, the updating of the backstory alone is going to be worth it. A lot of stuff has gone down in the Delta Green universe since the 1990s.  And, as would be appropriate for a Cthulhu Mythos game, things have gotten worse.  I have some fun Halloween reading to look forward to.

I was going to order this Delta Green patch, but now I don’t know.

There’s something about it that doesn’t appeal.  I mean, yes, it’s an asymmetrical design that’s supposed to be evocative of medieval ritual magical symbols (hidden as a government logo); and if I’m remembering my Latin right the motto is brutally honest for that game world. I get all of that.

But it’s still just a little unsettling.  Weird. Guess that they did their job properly with the design, huh?

Arc Dream has a bunch of Delta Green softcover RPG supplements up.

Found here.  I don’t think that they’re part of the $300 The New Age tier in the Delta Green Kickstarter; I got the impression at the time that the tier in question covered all the hardcover books that Arc Dream’s supposed to be publishing. That was and is a good deal, in my opinion, and I assume that these are print-on-demand softcovers that seem to be becoming pretty popular in the gaming world. PDFs are nice, but so are physical books.

So, if you’re a completist, check ’em out.  Alas, I have to budget for that sort of thing these days.  Then again, I did get the PDFs as part of my backing, so I’m hardly hurting for new stuff to read.

Tweet of the Day, I’ve Never Gotten Into Audiobooks… edition.

…but I know that people who read me do get into audiobooks.  And I did read and like Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies. Heck, I’d hope that I would; I did the Kickstarter for it. So check this out.

Moe Lane

PS: I’ve actually wondered from time to time why I don’t get into audiobooks. Maybe I like going back and checking the text too much? It’s hard to do that with audio.  At least I perceive it as being hard.

Tweet of the Day, Successful #DeltaGreen Op On Atlanta’s I-20 edition.

They’re talking about a gas leak – or lack thereof – because a portion of Atlanta’s I-85 caught fire at the end of March (first picture below).  Ironically, that one was actually part of an Ordo Veritas veil-out.  OV and Delta Green tend to get along surprisingly badly, considering that they’re essentially in the same line of work…

Ooh, crossover adventures!  It’d be a memorable game.  And a short one, too.