Mass Effect: Andromeda removes Denuvo DRM in latest patch.

This is like old-style Kremlinology.  What does it mean, man?  Denuvo was on Mass Effect: Andromeda to prevent piracy, of course.  Does its going away mean that there won’t be single-player DLC, because Bioware no longer cares about the property? Or does it mean there will be DLC, because removing Denuvo allegedly improves performance and Bioware expects that people will be coming back to play the game soon?  It’s all very obscure.

I know, I know. I should not expect any single-player DLC for MEA.  I should actively expect that MEA will never have single-player DLC.  But I want to fight my way through to save the quarian Ark, tanjit. I enjoy doing things like that.

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