My God, @wmata’s full of dholes. (And @washingtonpost needs to start printing genre fiction.)

It says something when Lovecraftian terrors from the deep make for a more coherent explanation for Dizzy City’s Metro problems than everyday, ordinary reality. I’m not going to give anything away past the title (“The worm turns: The chilling ‘truth’ of Metro’s recent shutdowns“). But, hey, you can probably guess, right?

As to the story itself: it’s not bad, but it’s only the start.  Next they gotta actually get to the action, have some conflict, resolve it, maybe have a last-minute twist, and then have the grim anagnorisis. But the dude who wrote it should definitely pursue this idea further. (more…)


Great. What’s the visual equivalent of an earworm?

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, I’ve got Tremors stuck in my head. Ever see it? It was one of those movies where a bunch of actors did a better job than they were really supposed to with a script that was just a touch better than it had any right being and a plot that was remarkably fresh for being in a can for forty years. I say this with all love and affection: it’s rare that I get to see a movie that combines the Cthulhu Mythos (sorta) with automatic weapons fire.

The sequels, of course, pretty much sucked… oh, God help us all, but they made it into a television show.

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