Dietrich & Howard Consulting [GURPS].

I came up with this concept when I was sick.

Dietrich & Howard Consulting – Google Docs

Dietrich & Howard Consulting


The up-and-coming consulting firm of Dietrich and Howard has two distinctive features: its partners (and virtually sole employees) Claudia Dietrich and Brian Howard.  The two are absurdly young — 24 and fresh out of engineering school and university — but they already are developing a reputation for being remarkably well-suited for getting problematical field operations back on track. Claudia specializes in the ‘field’ part of ‘field operations,’ while Brian handles ‘operations.’  Ten years from now, these two will have a legendary reputation for their ability to work as a team; for right now, they just come across as being mildly pleasant-scary to the existing experts in their field.  What sets Dietrich & Howard apart is their apparent familiarity with just about everything; and the better the crew they have, the better the two shine.


And, well, there’s a reason for that.


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