Here we go: Disney releasing MULAN on VOD for $30.

[UPDATE]: via @brett_lemons comes the news that Disney will make it available for download for thirty bucks, which is a much better deal (if one I still wouldn’t take, because if I don’t have the physical item then I haven’t really bought it, and that should be worth a discount). Whether or not this was originally reported incorrectly is a conclusion I shall leave up to my readers.

Otherwise known as ‘ten bucks more than I’d seriously consider:’ “In a move surprising everyone except those of us who’ve been telling you it was coming for months, Disney announced today that their 2020 live action adaptation of Mulan will hit Disney+ on September 4th in a new category of content described as “premium service,” through which subscribers can view Mulan through the streaming site’s new VOD option. This will be simultaneous with limited international theatrical distribution.”

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In Sydney, Australia. Better late than never, hey? Supposedly this one is going to have the actual Mandarin, instead of the Mandarin from Iron Man 3 (I’m just going to flat-out admit that I liked Iron Man 3, okay*?).

Moe Lane

*Look, I’m not saying it was Arrival. But I wanted what it gave me, and I particularly enjoyed the decade-long pander that was the MCU. I’m not gonna get mad that a popcorn movie came in and did the job it was contracted to do.

THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER likely delayed, dagnabbit.

Disappointing, but not unexpected: “Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was supposed to be released this August, which is next month. Disney never announced a release date change, but it doesn’t look like the highly anticipated show is coming in August.” I like Marvel superhero movies and TV series, you see. I was looking forward to this and THE NEW MUTANTS and BLACK WIDOW; but things have all gotten goofy because of this stupid pandemic.

Somebody remind me again why we decided as a society that we didn’t need drive-in theaters anymore? — Because right now that doesn’t sound like it was a smart decision, over the long term. It’s really easy to social distance without masks when you’re in your car.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, drive-ins wouldn’t have helped directly, in this case. I still wish we had them around in useful numbers, though. And with infrastructure.

The Mouse Rolls the Bones: NEW MUTANTS gets August release date.

Whaddya know? Disney’s going for it: “Walt Disney Studios has revealed that The New Mutants has once again received a new release date, this time set for August 28, 2020. The movie is set to open against Lionsgate’s The Courier, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel Brosnahan.”

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Embarrassment of riches: NATIONAL TREASURE sequel AND Disney+ series.

Aww, you shouldn’t have: “Collider got Jerry Bruckheimer to open up his book of secrets and give a new update on the National Treasure franchise, which we learned not only includes National Treasure 3, but a Disney+ TV series now in development.” (Via GeekTyrant) I doubt they’ll get Cage for the National Treasure series, although if you pressed me as to why I couldn’t really give you a reason for that particular bout of skepticism. You never know with Nick Cage.

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ONWARD now at Disney+.

They’re gonna be arguing for years whether ONWARD got destroyed or saved by the coronavirus; I’m going to go with ‘saved,’ probably. I enjoyed the movie, mind you! Heck, it may be the last film I ever see in theaters, the way things are going. But if you’re not a Second Edition AD&D sort of person, I dunno how much you loved ONWARD.

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THE NEW MUTANTS: release on Disney+, or Hulu?

I mean, I agree with CBR’s argument: THE NEW MUTANTS is a cursed production. Everything in the universe has seemingly conspired to cause it to explode on the eventual cinematic launch pad, up to and including a global pandemic. If there was ever a movie that could benefit from a direct-to-streaming release, it’s this one. Everybody would understand. They’d all nod, and make sympathetic noises. Nobody would blame THE NEW MUTANTS for this.

I just dunno whether it should be on Disney+. Horror-superhero flick, remember? Hulu sounds like a better fit. And, heck, the Mouse owns that one too, right?

BLACK WIDOW (perhaps) begins the transition to a primarily digital release.

At least, that’s my guess. BLACK WIDOW definitely won’t be released in theaters on May 1st, at least. And, contra GeekTyrant: I don’t think that they’re just going to delay theatrical release. There’s too much potential money on the table: this is the first MCU movie of the post-Endgame era. And it’s likely that Disney would like getting that money, too.

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