Doctor Doom movie dead. At Fox.

At least, that’s the word: “…Fox has been developing films for Gambit, X-Force, and Doctor Doom for quite awhile, but according to a recent report… those movies are all dead thanks to the upcoming Fox and Disney merger.”  ‘Recent report’ being a tweet, but OK.  It’s 2019, that’s how this stuff goes now. (more…)


Would this be worth letting Thanos win?

Well, obviously not.

But the basic point is correct: Marvel has an obvious way to rejuvenate the MCU, doesn’t it?

Moe Lane

PS: There is a rumor of a possibility of a hint that Silver Surfer might have a walk-on role of some kind in Infinity War.  Not to get your hopes up, or anything.  And if that sounds like something would have leaked, well: you’d say the same of Spider-Man showing up in Civil War.


Mads Mikkelsen is interested in doing Fox’s Doctor Doom movie.

I assume that you all know the immediate problem with that, yes?  That’s right!  It’d require that Fox do a Doctor Doom movie.  GeekTyrant is excited about this, on general principles; and I’m not saying that Mads Mikkelsen couldn’t do a good job as Doctor Doom.  He absolutely could. I just don’t see how Fox can be relied upon to produce a decent Doctor Doom flick. (more…)

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