Tweet of the Day, How Did This Dog Make This Print? edition.

My wife has been speculating on it for the last few minutes. It’s an interesting question. The prints are in an unusual position, you see.

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Video of the Day, Stop Freaking Out The Dog edition.

Although this is admittedly a dog you’d want to breed, because she’s got the right goram instincts.



This Skyrim dog story is why I love Skyrim*.

Skyrim didn’t so much let you get yourself into these kinds of elaborate head-stories as it encouraged them.  I once replayed a certain sequence six times because I needed to get out of a room without killing somebody who I quite liked and didn’t want to kill.  Because it mattered. Heck, it still does.

Via @Popehat.

Moe Lane

*Note tense.


Democrat Jack Conway: half of my directors AND MY DOG were female!

In answer to a question about a sexual harassment settlement, no less. I’m not even outraged, honestly: just… nostalgic. Jack Conway doesn’t always think this stuff through. Remember, back in 2010, when he thought ‘Aqua Buddha’ was a campaign-killer? Well…

Don’t ever change, Jack Conway. Don’t ever change.

Moe Lane

PS: Never refer to your female subordinates and your female pets in the same answer. I am amazed that I have to point this out. And yet, I am not.


Well, *that* was surreal. I heard gunshots coming from outside…

…and open the blinds to discover that a cop had just shut a dog. Something like five times. Then more cops showed up, and then some neighbors, and then they left, and then an Animal Control person came to body-bag the dog, and then they all left. And before you ask; this is a calm, middle-class town house development filled with respectable two-parent families who have largely moved here in order to get away from the excitement that is Southeast DC. So, no, gunplay is not common here.

Note that I have no idea whether the dog had it coming.

Moe Lane

PS: I did not take pictures. Maryland cops can get funny about that, and frankly it wasn’t my dog.

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You know, I’m not actually going to mock John Kerry for this.

A Lab is a remarkably unpretentious dog for Kerry to have…

…and it’s doing what dogs do. Besides: I might not really like John Kerry, but I don’t hate him enough to gratuitously insult his dog. The courtesies must be, as they say, observed.


“F*ck you, that’s not your dog anymore.”

That was my first reaction to this story:

Two Denver hikers are locked in a bitter battle over the fate of a German Shepard named Missy, who was abandoned by one and then rescued by another at 13,000 feet.

Scott Washburn found the dog bloodied and near-death atop Colorado’s Mt Bierstadt and then organized a search and rescue party to save her.

He wants to keep the dog, alleging that Anthony Ortolani lacks the ability or compassion to care for the creature, which went without food and water for eight days.



I wanted to say that there is no explanation for this.

“This” being, well, this:

But for once a YouTube comment explains it all:

A common situation, they are fleeing from a drunk bear.

…I have decided that this will be the answer.  They are fleeing from a drunk bear.  No further explanation is needed, or indeed desired. So mote it be!

Via @bdomenech.



Reality, for once, has not let us down:

This apparently happened. The dog’s doing the talkshow circuit now and everything (via Hot Air Headlines).

Moe Lane

PS: Honestly, that video looks too good to be true.  But I figure that if the LA Fishwrap can let itself be fooled, then I can go along for the ride.


#rsrh You mispelled ‘schmuck,’ Mr. President. (NSFW)

At least, on our side.  We talk about you like you are a schmuck – which, while rude, also has no relationship to ‘dog’ whatsoever*.

“Some powerful interests that have been setting the agenda in Washington for a long time, and they’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog.”

However, I would find it very believable that Democratic powerful interests may in point of fact speak of you in such a fashion.  Long tradition in your party leadership, and all that.

Very long.

Moe Lane

*Not to plumb the depths of Yiddish – a language which has almost as checkered and crooked a past as English does – but ‘schmuck’ usually carries the connotation of ‘penis’ (or, more vulgarly, ‘dick’).  Of course, several Yiddish words of roughly equivalent meaning have been known to creep into the language – thus making it tricky to determine which one is best for the job – but that’s part of Yiddish’s charm: it taps into all the languages that Yiddish speakers picked up while they were being kicked around Europe and being put on various enemies’ lists by clinical paranoids.

You simply have to be resigned to that.


It’s Saturday. I should take it easy.

So here’s a picture of a monkey riding a dog.

Blessed if I know whether the dog’s happy about it or not.


On Axelrod calling Carrie Prejean a dog.

Never blog angry.

Well, not quite true: never blog too angry.  A little anger can help.  Too much, though, and you end up wanting to pound on the wall; this pleases a certain demographic, and you may define ‘pleases’ any way that you like. So, now that I’ve calmed down – some – about Obama crony David Axelrod crassly equating Carrie Prejean with a dog:

When Axelrod was asked if he had weighed in on the Obama family’s dog choice, he answered, “I was only called in for the final three, and one was Miss California.”

…I’ll say this: after an event like the above I’d be embarrassed about me being on the same side of the same-sex marriage debate as Axelrod, except that there’s actually no evidence whatsoever that I am (I already know that I’m well to the left of his boss on this issue). As it is, I’d much prefer to have Carrie Prejean as my spokesperson than the people that have decided to publicly attack her; unlike them, she’s shown no indication that she personally hates her opponents.

I really should stop being surprised at this sort of thing, though. It’s not like it’s going to stop for the next 3.5 years.

Moe Lane

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