You know, I could *almost* believe this about Bill Clinton and DoMA…

…except for one thing.


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So I pretty much called the #DOMA ruling.

Back in the day.

I suspect that Section 3 is going to be gone; and that the courts will resolutely decline to not address Section 2. I think that this means that we’ll end up with another state/federal headache where gay couples will be in this weird Schrodinger married/not married state, depending on who’s doing the paperwork – but then, nobody asked me to fix the situation for them**.

…and that’s what happened.  I do, however, no longer expect a Federal Marriage Amendment to be passed in reaction, and I will not lie to you: I’m fine with not seeing a FMA.  What I’m not really fine with will be all the endless legal battles on a state-by-state basis, but that’s what we get when we create a political system where court decisions are so insanely relevant.

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#rsrh Here we go: 1st Appeals Court strikes down part of DOMA.

Technically, it struck down Section 3 of DoMA, which prohibits federal benefits from being provided for same-sex couples married in states that allow same-sex marriage. Section 2, which allows individual states to not recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, is still in effect.  The whole thing is under a temporary stay until the Supreme Court gets a crack at it; I assume that this will happen… soonish. (more…)


Obama insults his base with his ‘second term’ wish list.

He’ll get away with it, of course.

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines) Apparently the President wants to spend his extremely hypothetical second term doing the following:

  • Repealing DOMA;
  • Passing another DREAM Act;
  • ‘Reforming’ Wall Street; and
  • ‘Investing’ in schools.

Now, I’m not going to fall into the trap of getting sidelined discussing the merits of any or all of those proposals*.  Instead, I’m going to ask: just how stupid does President Obama think Democrats are, anyway?  From 2009 to 2011 the Democratic Party had between 256 to 258 votes in the House, and 57 to 60 in the Senate.  If the President was such a blithering incompetent leader that he couldn’t pass wish-list legislation then, in what alternate universe could anyone legitimately expect him to pass a similar list in any hypothetical future administration? – Because the Democrats aren’t going to enjoy that kind of lopsided majorities in Congress again any time soon.  In fact, starting next January they’re probably not going to enjoy a majority in Congress at all. (more…)


Symbolic gesture towards repealing DoMA made.

Progressive Democrats are invited by their party’s leadership to now shut up about the subject.

Let’s keep this one simple (H/T: AoSHQ Headlines):

Q. Why is it that a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act – one with more than 90 Congressional supporters – will apparently not even make it to the House floor?
A. Because Rep. Barney Franks – who is not one of the supporters – was blunt about why he wasn’t a supporter: the Democrats don’t have the votes for it.

Q. Don’t the Democrats control Congress?
A. Yes.


Q. Didn’t they campaign on this is…
A. (Interrupting) They lied.

Moe Lane

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