The Dracula Dossier Bundle of Holding.

…Look, whatever the amount on the The Dracula Dossier Bundle of Holding (RPG: vampire spy mashup that features, go figure, Dracula) ends up being, just get the whole damn thing. Totally worth it. You should also consider buying a print copy of DRACULA UNREDACTED, which is… difficult to describe. But worth it to have in your hands as a book, or the mother of all in-game props.

Book of the Week: Dracula Unredacted.

Forgot that this was a weekly Patreon pledge. Anyway: Dracula Unredacted is designed for use with the Dracula Dossier supplement for the Night’s Black Agents RPG, but it can stand on its own. It’s an annotated and expanded version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, only with more conspiracy and spycraft and a lot of stuff from the Icelandic edition (which had additions made to it, presumably much to Stoker’s eventual surprise). I grabbed it to read, and to show to my sister-in-law: it may amuse her.