My RedState piece on making women register for the draft.

Found here. Short version: …I don’t think that anybody should have to register for the draft, frankly. And I think that the issue of the draft is in itself sufficiently important that it shouldn’t be used as a proxy fight for whether or not we should allow women in combat.

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#rsrh Time for another ‘Bring back the draft! Who cares if more of them die!’ article.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) The hysterical part of all of this is that when I saw the title of this WaPo article – “Toss out the all-volunteer military” – I immediately said to myself  …because this suckweasel thinks that the problem with our military is that it is far too good at killing people and breaking stuff.  And, lo!

Since the end of the military draft in 1973, every person joining the U.S. armed forces has done so because he or she asked to be there. Over the past decade, this all-volunteer force has been put to the test and has succeeded, fighting two sustained foreign wars with troops standing up to multiple combat deployments and extreme stress.

This is precisely the reason it is time to get rid of the all-volunteer force. It has been too successful. Our relatively small and highly adept military has made it all too easy for our nation to go to war — and to ignore the consequences.

“Ignoring the consequences,” by the way, is Center for a New American Security suckweasel-speak for “doesn’t fight wars according to the diktats of the Center for a New American Security.”  Its author (Tom Ricks) is also probably smarting just a touch from a certain embarrassment: which is to say, he had the misfortune to write a book published in 2006 called Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq just before the Surge came along and un-Fiascoed everything.  Doubling down with his 2009 work The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008 probably didn’t help his digestion, either, given that (according to Wikipedia, at least*) Ricks apparently doubled down on the gloom and doom.  Weird how the WaPo didn’t mention that in his bio… oh, I just slay me, sometimes. (more…)

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